Excellence in Care 24/7. This means seven days a week, around the clock, every day of the year, we are there to meet your needs. There will always be someone to pick up the phone.

We are committed to deliver an exceptional service to both our clients and patient’s by ensuring every nurse who wears the Blue Lantern badge does so with pride and meets the most rigorous professional standards. Our core business philosophy is to be the very best at the lowest possible cost to you.

Our Mission is to provide the best professional solution to meet the patient of our clients, to promote consistency and to reward the exceptional skills of our staff.

The categories of service users to whom we provide services are.

  • Older people

  • Younger adults

  • Learning Disability

  • Mental health

  • Physical health

  • Dementia

  • People who misuse drugs and alcohol

  • People with Eating Disorders.


If you are looking for temporary nurses or healthcare assistants call (01902 425 140) us or email us today.

We respond effectively ,however late your request may come.

Available 24/7 with one telephone number.

happy senior woman and caregiver